Losing World War III inside America’s Borders

Mass violence in U.S. cities must be inspiring for terrorists and dictatorships looking to attack.

By Dr. Peter Vincent Pry  LINK  

States Have an Obligation to Offer Parents School Choice During the Shutdown

By Kay C. James LINK  

How Alaska is spending its money and from which funds that money is coming.

By Quinn Townsend LINK  

Alaska’s Economic Recovery Action Plan

By Ric Davidge LINK

A sound strategy to help jump-start AK from the adverse economic impacts of state and local policy decisions attempting to deal with COVID-19  

Upgrading Alaska’s Defenses, Part Two

By Ric Davidge LINK

How it looks today within our current construct.  And how it just may look tomorrow with ‘no rules.’ 

Astra Readies Satellite Launch Test flight from Kodiak, Alaska

By Stephen Clark LINK

The mission is the first of three test flights planned by the privately-funded launch company to eventually reach orbit from Kodiak Island.

Photo Credit: Astra/John Kraus

Upgrading Alaska’s Defenses

By Peter Pry LINK

Haunting every generation since Hiroshima is the horrific specter of nuclear war. The U.S. must maintain at least parity in numbers, modernity, technological quality and capabilities, and allow potential adversaries no advantages in the nuclear balance.

Social Media Censors Doctors Exposing Media China Flu Lies

By Allum Bokhari, Breitbart LINK

Top Google executives, including Sundar Pichai, lamented Trump’s victory, and discussed their desire to make Trump’s election and the populist movement a “blip” in history.” Google is now working to interfere with the 2020 election.

The Failure of PREDICT

By Ric Davidge LINK
The need for results reporting

Department of Education
& Early Development Data

By Michael Tavoliero LINK
The numbers compiled 

It’s Time for Alaska’s K–12 Advocacy Groups to Focus on Student Outcomes 

By David Boyle LINK

Alaska’s children are no less capable than children in other states; rather, they are being shortchanged by the State. 

Alaska Schools: The Culture of Cool or a Culture of Learning?

What’s really wrong with Alaska’s public schools? This question was pushed forward into the public’s concern with the 2019 release of a shocking series of reports on the failing student performance in the Alaska government school system, with a few exceptions. LINK

Homer Spit Alaska by Lauren di Scipio

Homelessness & Health:
Alaska Can Do Better.

Report by Ric Davidge, Vice President, Midtown Community Council regarding the effort by the Council and nine state legislators to push the Mayor and APD to more aggressively address the growing problems with ‘the homeless’ including public health. LINK


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